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and now Cable vs. ABC...


Here's what I sent to these folks:


it seems this is a simple case of what's good for business is not good for the consumer, as we both want more money in our pockets. and during these times of rising costs (for content, production and delivery) and shrinking revenue (from advertising and competitive pressures), a war has broken out. for all i know, this is all a ploy to get customers to speak up, just to collect intelligence/sentiment to understand who has the upper hand in your battle. just be aware that no matter what, the consumer (your customer) is getting a real bad taste in their mouths. because of your public disregard for customers, we might all just get off the sofa and find something else to do with our precious time and money.  after all, we all know the shift to on-line distribution - where the consumer has even more control over their mode of consumption - is coming.  what are you planning to do then?  isn't your current action just a short term tactic in the grand scheme of things?  please stop being so short sighted.

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