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Welcome to jacobs digital media! 
A place to find and share ideas, trends, innovations and best practices... relating to the transformation of traditional media delivery and consumption
 to the realities of the digital world in which we now live.   

everone has to start somewhere

finally getting around to starting a blog on digital media... having attended new media courses at NYU over the summer, celebrating my one year anniversary working in the video game industry, and with my involvement in the Sirius/XM and PanAmSat/Intelsat mergers and restructurings behind me.


through this blog i will share ideas (maybe even knowledge), and solicit contributions regarding the various - evolving - forms of: media talent, media content, media delivery, media consumption, and media monetization.


my plans include studying traditional, and evolving, financial restructuring techniques, to understand - and share - which work best in the media industry; and formalizing operational restructuring objectives and roadmaps to help media firms realize greater potential in the new digital world in which we live.  


on the operational front, let's begin by making sure that media firms view and treat their assets and constituents in the context of a media enterprise... not a traditional enterprise.  below are the traditional vs. media enterprise views:


Traditional => Media 

People => Talent

Product/Service => Content

End Customers => Audience

Trade Customers => Clients

Technology for Automation => Technology for Delivery

Financing =>  Investment


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